Content Writing Samples

Below are several samples of articles I have written, including book reviews and business analysis. Looking for copywriting samples? Look no further!

Shit-Faced Shakespeare & Accessible Literature

On August 11th 2022, a friend and I embarked on a trip to London, and as a spontaneous, belated birthday present, we bought tickets to Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, at the recommendation of her brother.

You Can Be Kind Without Being Complacent – An Exploration Of Gentle Parenting

Gentle parenting is a new method of raising children while ‘breaking the cycle’ of generational trauma. Sarah Ockwell-Smith, mother of four and supposed founder of the gentle parent movement acknowledges the definition as “three words: understanding, empathy, respect”.

Review: Cut Woman By Dena Igusti

Originally Published on Mookychick on September 20th 2020

To love my father is to always keep my jaw suspended
My father Never Answers To Papa, Cut Woman, Dena Igusti

Have you ever read a piece of poetry where you can hear each word spoken from the diaphragm, to an orchestra of clicking fingers, that you cannot help but pause? The imaginary performer is bracing. Breathing, and waiting for the audience to settle like the tides because this poet is Poseidon and you’re enthralled in the waves that they’ve conjured through their cadence?

Even though, all you have is the poetry book’s pages between your fingers? – That’s power.

Consider Kindness: What You Can Learn From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Girlboss

Originally Published on The Agile Works’ blog on December 29th 2021

There are three people in your brain when you run a small, independent business. The first is the boss; the pioneer who began the construction of this amazing world filled with wares that all have a bit of blood, sweat and tears in them.

The second is the employee; although they inhabit the same mental space as the boss, it isn’t uncommon to find a small business owner working hunched over their desk until the small hours, day in and day out, attempting to navigate the world of social media, the world of digital marketing and sales. Let alone financing a website launch, tax, and keeping food on the table.

The last is the self; they yearn for the validation of economic success but also want to snooze that god-awful 6am alarm until eight, nine, or ten…

What We Are Reading Now: The Circle By Dave Eggers

Originally Published on Essex Book Festival’s blog on April 28th 2020.

Have you ever seen that movie where Forrest Gump and Hermione Granger do a TED Talk? No? Well, it’s really good, but I prefer the book.

The Circle is a novel by Dave Eggers which is approximately four-hundred and fifty pages long. Depending on your reading speed it could probably take you a few days to read it. I personally, burned through it in three days. Once I’d sunk my teeth in, there was no getting me away from it. Even though, I only bought the book because of how much I enjoyed the film. But, like I said, I prefer the book.,,

The Carrot Sharpener: How Flying Tiger Copenhagen Managed To Produce An Effective “Novelty” Product

Originally Published on The Agile Works’ blog on August 2nd 2021

The carrot sharpener, often purchased as a novelty secret Santa gift, or a stocking filler. Usually considered a farcical kitchen utensil among the able-bodied, however, this innovation is significant to those who have limited mobility in their hands and fingers. For many with arthritis, EDS, or Parkinson’s disease, the use of a knife to cut vegetables such as carrots or parsnips could mean that these vegetables end up being neglected, not due to being disliked, but due to the impracticalities and issues that may arise in preparing them. Injuring yourself when doing daily tasks is embarrassing for everyone, but for people who are disabled, it adds to the shame that is already experienced due to the stigma latched onto the label of their ailment, disorder, or illness…

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