Book Review: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

‘One Last Stop’ was Casey McQuiston’s second novel and was published in 2021. The book follows August, who has moved to New York City to finish college, after a tumultuous relationship with her mother left her needing space.

In New York, August finds herself moving into a small apartment on top of a chicken shop with likeminded, queer people in their early twenties, who embrace her wholly and help get her settled. What August didn’t expect was for her to potentially plant roots when she develops a crush on a girl she met on the subway on the first day of the new semester: Jane.

The issue is that Jane can’t actually leave the subway. She’s in liminal space, trapped, linked to the Q line, unaging, in a time-shift. And has been since 1970s.

This heartwarming story of found family, queer relationships, and finding your place in the world was exhilarating, especially with the supernatural elements of Jane’s situation, primarily the time slip and her abject lack of memories.

I loved the way August and Jane’s relationship develops from crushing, to kissing for research to refusing to admit they were head over heels for someone you don’t know if you’ll ever see again. It was such a fun story and McQuiston’s control of language, particularly dialogue was incredibly immersive. I adored the lighthearted comedy that she delivered so well, particularly in the developing dynamics between August and her friends, and the preexisting ones between the other characters. They’re witty and real. I loved them, and felt like I was part of the group.

It was a really fun story and I’d very much recommend it. ‘One Last Stop’ was a great blend of high-stakes what-ifs in a relationship, and a life or death way, with lighthearted comedy and a story of friendship and love.

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