Book Review: Earth by AC Holloway

‘Earth’ is the first book of debut novelist, AC Holloway’s Magic Rediscovered series. This story follows Jon, a young teen that lives in a barren wasteland, who stumbles upon a wizard after a nasty fall in a junkyard near his home.

In meeting this wizard, Jon is thrust into a quest he had no say in, and thus had to begin the process of restoring peace, order, and magic to the world. With nowhere to go, and without a clue how best to start, Jon makes life-altering friendships with natives of this strange new world.

This story sets the course for what is bound to be an epic series as Jon and his new-found friends work to collect and un-corrupt the various forms of magic that was needed to restore order to the world.

I loved the way Holloway explores Jon’s relationships, particularly with adult characters. It seemed realistic, considering the circumstances of his life prior to falling in the junkyard, and being bullied by his peers. He latched onto the mentor figures who treated him as their own – instantly establishing a change in the environment. Back home Jon was trusted and treated like an adult but with Danny and Elsie. He enjoys aspects of being treated like a child at the same time, which is an amazing metaphor for a child about to go through puberty.

Then there’s Jon’s dynamic and Meg. I loved that they were foils for one another. One acts impulsive when the other is reserved, and Meg is much more in touch with a childlike sense of wonder. I love how their actions balance each other, especially when the shoe is on the other foot. Moments of indecision being contradicted by impulsiveness, and the balance is so compelling for both characters, highlighting core aspects of their personalities.

Holloway is a clever and patient storyteller who has left her first book full of unanswered questions to keep us guessing as the series goes on. I am looking forward to reading the next story in the series.

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