Low Season and Matilda’s Ark

Low Season and Matilda’s Ark were short poems written for, and published in the newsletter for a local primary school. These poems were written for two different target audiences: Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

These poems were written for the children at the school to enjoy, with language and imagery used in these instances are reflective of the ages of the students. Although both poems were available to read, the distinction between the writing for the students from age four to seven, versus eight to eleven needed to be clear. I did this through the use of literal, tangible description in Low Season, while Matilda’s Ark contains abstract imagery, but within an accessible metaphor; the story of Matilda Wormwood by Roald Dahl.

Below is a screenshot of the newsletter, in which I am credited under my name Imogen Burns. All confidential information from the newsletter was omitted.

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