Red String

Lyrics once etched onto skin

Bleed from lips like reopened wounds

But we never stop picking at them;

Unleashing words we can recite

Like holy men recall scripture.

Our songs entangled like the red string

That don our fingers

Binding our hearts and minds to each other.

Years pass like seconds

On the clock that is our lives

And even now you cannot deny

The beauty of the melody composed

Composed by the choirmaster and his strings

Of red.

Imogen .L. Smiley performing Spoken Word at Derby University’s UniSlam Auditions. Photo Cred: Georgina Pendrey
Transport For

TFL apologises for the delay in service.

This was due to a passenger attempting to find


On one of our maps,

Amidst the closing doors.

Transport For Life apologises

For any inconvenience caused.

One-Day Delivery

The High Street is burning

Small businesses are combusting

One by one the fire is catching

They’re crumbling.

While the flames swallow them whole,

And in the morning

The ashes are swept away

To pave the way for something new

And, supposedly,


It will be delivered

For public convenience

Within the next 24 hours.

Imogen. L. Smiley performing Spoken Word Poetry at the University of Derby, taken by Jenny Raynor
Project Name

I am desperate to weep

In a state of euphoria;

Sed tears of joy

Not despair.

I’d fill fountains

With my happiness

And drink my saltwater serotonin

In an eternal cycle

Of betterment.

Imogen . L . Smiley, performing spoken word poetry at Word Wise, Derby. Photo Cred: Jenny Raynor
Right Here

The moon hung crestfallen when

we dreamed of daybreak;

An end to the dimmed out stars seems

To be a tragedy so

True, that we weep over ideals far

From where we were. Wishing away

Every reality we thought we could reach.

We sat together, and stared up for

What could have been decades in the chill, my

Fingers trembled, so you took my hand.


If I have the audacity

To combust in your company

Feel free

To light your cigarette

In my aura.


Be careful where you put it out

You don’t want

To get your fingers burned

Imogen .L.Smiley performing spoken word at Twisted Tongues in Derby, taken by xemmaberryx

My mourning is fleeting

I compose your infinite eulogies

In dandelion clocks, paper planes

And kite strings.

You were motion,

And I remain as I always was:

Still life.

Imogen. L. Smiley performing Spoken Word Poetry at She Speaks in Derby, taken by Jenny Raynor

I cannot look skyward,

Without remembering the night

Stars fell from the sky

And we had the chance

To dance

In orbit of each other

Beneath the colours.

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