Archived Published Work

The following content is a compiled archive of the work that I have had published, either under my given name, or my pseudonym, including poetry, prose, blog posts and reviews.

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We See You

This work was produced as part of a collaboration, entitled No Cape Required. This was between the online retailer, Zappos, the charity, Meals on Wheels, and the collaborative art-sharing platform, HITRecord. From which, the cine-poem, We See You came to be. This cine-poem was derived from the stories of twenty contributors to a wider call for personal stories about experiences with or involving the key workers that were overlooked as heroes in the Covid19 pandemic. My anecdote, a brief letter to my mother, aptly entitled, Thanks Mum, inspired part of this poem, where the efforts of teachers, often discounted or dismissed by the governments of the time, were commended. The video which derived from the collaboration was released in July 2020, and contributors were later paid for their efforts in February 2021. The full cine-poem is available to view at the above link, and my particular contribution separately under its original title.

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One Last Ride

One Last Ride was a poem I wrote about the concept of nostalgia and yearning, and how it can manifest, which was published by Perhappened Literary Magazine’s first issue, themed Carnival, in June of 2020. This magazine can be read at the above link.

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Shit To Buy When This Is All Over

My short story, Shit To Buy When This Is All Over, a piece of stream of consciousness writing, was focused on buyer’s remorse and financial concern during lockdown. This piece provided a platform where I was able to explore my own, as well as other people’s perceptions of lockdown online shopping sprees. It was published by Pendemic in May of 2020 and can be read via the above link.


Deforestation is a piece of feminist poetry that I wrote about the relationship some women may have with their body hair. It was published by Trick Magazine on their website, in April 2020. This can be read via the above link.

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Belladonna Kiss

Belladonna Kiss was a feminist poem written about underlying inherited illnesses that can be passed down from generations. It was featured in Re-Side literary magazine’s sixth issue, Connections, published in June 2020; where the last word of the previous piece would start the next. my piece, and the rest of the via the link above.

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To The Girl With The Bag Of Stars

This is a short poem written about a chance meeting between strangers, in passing amidst the chaos in a London Underground Station, it was published by Dream Noir Literary Magazine in May 2020. The poem can be accessed at the above link.

What We’re Reading Now: The Circle By Dave Eggers

This is a book review I was contacted by Essex Book Festival to write as part of their What We Are Reading Now project. This review was published in April of 2020, and looks at my opinions of characters, themes, pacing and the execution of the story. You can read my review, and support the festival here!


Elara was a poem which I wrote for Ang(st) Magazine which discussed body confidence for people with eczema; comparing what many consider a blemish to something widely recognised as beautiful, the moon. This poem was published in Ang(st)’s third issue in April 2020. It can be accessed at the above hyperlink.

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