Archived Published Work

The following content is a compiled archive of all of the work that I have had published, under either my given name, or my pseudonym, including poetry, prose, blog posts, and reviews. The following pieces are in order of publication, my most recent pieces appearing first, and my earlier publications on later pages.

The above photograph was taken by Iam Nah
And, Like Icarus Before Her

And, Like Icarus Before Her was a cathartic piece of feminist poetry; an ode to the women that fight to thrive amidst competitive male-dominated industries. This poem was published in Mookychick’s debut anthology: The Medusa Project, which went live in October 2020. The collection is a mix of poetry, prose, visual art, creative non-fiction and essays, and can be downloaded at the above hyperlink.

The above photograph was taken by Havilah Galaxy
Her Legs Bore Dandelions

Her Legs Bore Dandelions is a piece of feminist poetry written about body hair and self-acceptance. It was published by Papeachu Review in their fourth issue, Real Magic, which is available to purchase at the above link.

The above photograph was taken by Georgia De Lotz
Belladonna Kiss

Belladonna Kiss was a feminist poem written about underlying inherited illnesses that can be passed down from generations. It was featured in Re-Side literary magazine’s sixth issue, Connections, published in June 2020; where the last word of the previous piece would start the next. my piece, and the rest of the via the link above.

The above photograph was taken by William Navarro
To The Girl With The Bag Of Stars

This is a short poem written about a chance meeting between strangers, in passing amidst the chaos in a London Underground Station, it was published by Dream Noir Literary Magazine in May 2020. The poem can be accessed at the above link.

The above photograph was taken by Olivia Burns
Book Review: Cut Woman By Dena Igusti

As part of my role on the team at Mookychick, it is not uncommon for work to be delegated when a member of the team is stretched too thin. In this case, I was granted the opportunity to write for the site as a contributor instead of simply manning social media to review the work of Dena Igusti. My review of their work can be read at the above link.

The above photograph was taken by Jorge Saavedra

Soon was a poem which I wrote to share as part of The Young Writer’s Association’s Write To Unite Campaign. It was subsequently selected as a stand-out submission and was given the opportunity to have this poem collated with many others to be part of an anthology inspired by events that took place amidst the coronavirus pandemic in their poetry anthology All Together Now, which can be purchased at the above link.

The above photograph was taken by Billie Body Brand

Hazel was a poem which I wrote in homage to body confidence which derived from seeing a fictional character sharing a trait that I felt embarrassed by; thick eyebrows, which, when left un-kept, can meet. I wrote this poem to celebrate the Hazel’s updated design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Pretty Cool Poetry Thing’s Animal Crossing Zine, which was released in August 2020. My piece, as well as the rest of the interactive zine can be accessed at the above link.

The above photograph was taken by Saskia Fairfull
One Last Ride

One Last Ride was a poem I wrote about the concept of nostalgia and yearning, and how it can manifest, which was published by Perhappened Literary Magazine’s first issue, themed Carnival, in June of 2020. This magazine can be read at the above link.

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