Archived Published Work

The following content is a compiled archive of the work that I have had published, either under my given name, or my pseudonym, including poetry, prose, blog posts and reviews.

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The Introverted Hypochondriac’s Coping Mechanisms

The Introverted Hypochondriac’s Coping Mechanisms was a poem I wrote during the initial UK enforced social distancing measures, talking about how I could project onto my avatars in video games during these troubling times. This poem was published by Frost Meadow Review in March of 2020, in their online archive of Pandemic Poetry which can be accessed at the above link.


Palmers is a short poem dedicated to my college experiences; finding a space for like-minded people to nurture and grow together in a space that doesn’t always appear inviting. This poem was published by The University of Derby’s Publishing Society in their second issue of Writer’s Block Magazine in Spring 2016. The PDF version of the magazine is available to read via the above hyperlink.

A Love Letter To Five Centimetres Per Second

A Love Letter To Five Centimetres Per Second was a review, praising one of my all-time favourite films for some of its strengths. It was published in March 2020, on the blog, Just Films & That, which can be accessed via the above link.

The Greatest School

The Greatest School was a song I was commissioned to write in parody of The Greatest Showman for a local primary school: Little Thurrock, and was adapted from The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. The song was performed by the Year Six leavers in July 2019 and my lyrics can be found online on my blog, via the above hyperlink

The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel was published in 2015, as part of the Grim Tales: Spine Chillers anthology by the Young Writer’s Association. The story is a gothic re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood, written in one hundred words. If you are interested in purchasing this anthology   you can buy it via the above link.

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